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Yoga Sessions

Yoga is a tradition of more than 5000 years, used today by millions of people all over the world to improve their well-being and quality of life, as well as to maintain health and fitness.

Yoga is more  it is a powerful instrument of personal growth and transformation, which can lead the dedicated practitioner to inner freedom and wholeness.

At Quinta dos Raposeiros you can enjoy Yoga sessions in a group, privately or even with yourself on the balcony of your accommodation.

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 about Yoga, its teachings, values and techniques. This training is continuous and is now being guided by Professor Pedro Kupfer 2021-2023. The practice facilitates the essential tools for self-knowledge, inner growth and the lifestyle that is Yoga.

 Nicole's approach to touch, support and healing is based on Hatha Yoga, Qi Gong practice and Vipassana Meditation. His practice is also influenced by surfing, Reiki and nature.

practices yoga since 1998 and has a comprehensive training


* Schedule to be agreed with teacher subject to availability

Phone: (+351) 910646602


Therapeutic massage

Considering all ages and types of people, our therapists analyze the personal needs of their clients before starting to treat different problems, from psychological trauma to sports injuries.





Phone: (+351) 967536267

What to Do During Your Stay

Stand Up Paddle

Bike Routes


During your stay you have the possibility to harvest and enjoy the food, fruits and products in the trees and gardens where all production is taken care of and biological.

Find out about the harvest days for each fruit/product. So that you can take the experience of Quinta dos Raposeiros with you, you can purchase our organic products for future consumption.

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